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Who am I?

I’m Anunay Jain, I’m a full time student with interest in anything that irks the problem solver inside me. Over time I’ve developed a keen interest and knowledgebase in Cryptocurrencies, (and Cryptography 😉), Reverse Engineering, Web Development (I’ll be honest, I hate CSS, not because it’s bad, because I’m bad) and Machine learning (I’m gonna write that down cause I trained a CNN once :P).

I made this blog to document my adventures with new and obscure technologies, sometimes blogs from random strangers on the internet are often the best source of information on something, and I’m here to contribute to that!

Personal Information

Email: me [at] anu [dot] ninja

The Magic Behind the Blog

  • Hugo: A fast, intiutive static site generator, what more can I ask for.
  • Hugo Blog Awesome: Sleekish dark theme, somewhat my taste, slightly modified and extended.
  • emgithub: Embedded Github Code Blocks, I modified emgithub slightly to allow scrolling.